Getting Your Home Ready to Sell


A lot goes into choosing the right home, so why not make it easier for potential homebuyers? When preparing to sell there's a handful of fairly simple projects you can cross of your list to up your value and ensure that buyers jump at the chance to make your previous property theirs! Here's a few tips and tricks from our designers that will make buyers feel right at home!  
1.Throw Some Paint on it 
Taking the time to repaint with a neutral color palette is a great way to help home buyers visualize their potential space. Bright colors are fun and great, don't get us wrong, but sometimes they can be a bit off-putting to a buyer. Think of your home as a blank slate to them. While you've put a lot of love, time, tears, and personality into it, they're thinking of all the ways they'll put their own touch on it. Let them get a feel for the true structure and beauty behind the home.
2. Limit Your Personalization  
Pull family photos down, clean up the notes on the fridge, and organize shelves. Remember that you're pitching this as a new home for someone else who may not be able to see themselves living there if it appears too personalized. Keep things simple, clutter-free, and neutral. You want them to see what the space could be.
Quick Tip: While we want you to stay away from sentimental items, you can still use decor to stage the home and keep some personality. Set your dining table with fresh flowers and linens so buyers feel welcomed and visualize entertaining in their new home!
3. Start Spring Cleaning
Deep clean everything! You don't want old dirt and dust mucking up your chance at a sale and distracting from the rest of your home. Go through cabinets, bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, bookshelves, and even the garage (we really mean everywhere). Eliminate clutter while also refreshing the space with a nice thorough clean. Potential buyers will look in every nook and cranny. Don't leave anything up to chance!
Quick Tip: Get your apron on and do some baking before showings! This will bring a sweet aroma to the air and have potential buyers feeling right at home in your warm, cozy atmosphere!
4. Bright Light, Big Space
Open up your home to natural light and fluidity by drawing back curtains and freeing up some floor space. Rooms that are dark (while they can be cozy) can also seem cluttered and small. Make sure you have plenty of light coming in through windows or artificially. Also, make room for the foot traffic you'll see while selling by removing some furniture and bringing simplicity to a room. You want to make it easy for potential buyers to breeze through the space and also picture the placement of their own furniture.
5. Up Your Curb Appeal  
Interiors aren't the only thing that need love. Keep your exterior updated with some fresh paint if necessary, power wash those windows, and plant some flowers. You can even set up a cute cafe table (if you have a porch or small area that allows for it) so buyers feel welcomed right away. Their first impression will happen before they even enter the doorway so make sure your landscaping is up to par!
Quick Tip: Make sure exterior doors, windows, trim, and gutters are also updated or still look "new". Adding a nice pop of color to a front door can also be a fun way to keep some personality in the home and welcome buyers in.

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