Kate High

Flooring Specialist

Kate High is passionate about art and aesthetics, and she eagerly and creatively strives to incorporate them into environments that enhance the lives of others. At Choice Designs, Kate is our residential flooring specialist. She has a vast knowledge of flooring—everything from the various types of flooring to the installation procedures—and she guides our clients in choosing the flooring that is perfect for their needs, desires, and budgets. She is also experienced in customer service and retail marketing. Kate graduated from Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. In addition to working at Choice Designs, Kate enjoys spending time with her husband Zach, their two dogs, family, and friends. She also enjoys fishing, hunting, four-wheeling, boating, and bonfires. When Kate isn’t exploring the great outdoors, she’s painting on canvas, decorating her home, and making jewelry and other items for Kate Joy Designs, a business she operates on the side.