A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color

Today we are looking at some of this year’s most popular colors and how they can be incorporated into your own home. Cobalt, blush, mint, ocher, terracotta, and cornflower are being used on everything from walls to coffee tables.

Bring on the Contrast

Though we love a good monochromatic look, adding contrast to a space can make a big impact with just a few selective color choices. Pairing rich colors with more neutral tones or even a stark white can give your space an instant face lift by brightening the room. One example we are loving is pairing Sherman Williams color of the year “Naval” with white accents. This combination can give off a coastal vibe when paired with nautical accents and art or can create a more modern look with mid-century fixtures and decor. Either way, this color is sure to make a statement in your next project.

A vintage Look

Using colors like mint or other more pastel tones can hint at a more vintage style home or feel. Using more vintage inspired colors in modern ways will help revitalize a once dated look and will make your home instantly chic. Try a throw pillow or blanket if you aren’t ready to go all in. If your ready to make more of a statement, we are all here for some painted cabinets or maybe even a velvet sofa?

Earthy Tones

Who said earth tones meant dull? Let’s re-think the term earth tones and introduce you to terracotta. This muted pink, orange, brown toned color is perfect for a boho feel, with its reference to terracotta pots, this color gives off a southwest feel and can easily become another neutral in your home or can be contrasted with lighter tones to add a subtle pop of color.

Honorable Mentions

Let’s not forget some of the other colors on our radar, like blush. This muted, soft pink has been around for some time now and continues to be a great option to add femininity and sophistication to a space. Adding sporadic pops of this color can create a subtle statement but is so versatile it can even act as a neutral in your color palette. Another honorable mention is ocher. This color has become both popular in interior design as well as in clothing design, we see it everywhere! This color is sure to add brightness to your home and adds a bit of quirk to your space. Last but not least, how could we forget cornflower? This muted blue is an elegant way to add color to your home and we love pairing it with fun textures and hardware.


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