How to View Your Project From Concept to Completion

For those of us that need a little extra help visualizing the outcome of a project, it's often hard to make design decisions without knowing what the possibilities could look like. It's nerve-racking enough investing money in a home remodel, or even a small update, when you're not sure how satisfied you'll be by the end. Luckily, Choice Designs has a solution for you!
Our talented team of designers specialize in 3D-renderings that provide you with an animated look into the countless design options that await you. Whether you're just looking for some space planning ideas or want to see your kitchen transformed, renderings will give you a glimpse into the end result you're dreaming of! 

Redoing your living space? Envision the room from floor to furniture with realistic renderings that focus on the details. Even if your selections aren't made, designers can offer their own advice through the choices they make as they draw up your ideas. 

Creating a communal area with multiple functions? Plan out each section and see it come together so you know you're utilizing the most out of your large space! This will help with overall costs, as you won't be buying furnishings that may be too small or oversized. 

Choose light fixtures and cabinetry with ease through our rendering process. Swap out colors and hardware to get a better feel for the reveal of your finished kitchen or entertainment area. By selecting your options with renderings first, you'll be able to make changes before purchasing items that may not fit the space you're working with. 

Narrow down those backsplash and tile options by viewing your future finished bathroom! The detailed design features available through renderings will lighten the stress of any project we tackle for our clients. Even the smallest choice matters when it comes to visualization! 

Building a home, or updating existing features? We can show you your exterior options as well! Take a look at siding and material options before jumping in, putting your mind at ease as the project begins. 

Need to see the entire space before you can make your selections? No problem! An entire room, or even whole floor view is available to you through our rendering technology. Don't hesitate to plan while prepping for your next project! 


Join us on March 1st at 5:30pm to kick off our first Wine & Design event of the season where you'll learn even more about what our designers can offer you and your home. Ask us your rendering and design questions! No project is too big or too small! 

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