Designer Spotlight: How to Turn a Home into an Airbnb

This summer designer, Nicole Setser, had the opportunity to work on transforming a historic Fort Wayne home into a charming Airbnb in the city's most sought after downtown neighborhood, West Central. As more millennials begin to travel and prefer to do so without the burden of costly expenses, Airbnb is the perfect market for homeowners who have a room to rent or an entire property. We're excited to show off Nicole's ability to highlight the character that will make this home a great, affordable stop for those visiting the Fort Wayne area and also give you some tips along the way!

Bring the Spunk 

Nicole chose to bring some personality and a little funk to this little getaway to promote relaxation and spark creativity. Keeping the walls neutral but bringing in pops of color with artwork and botanicals is a great way to spruce up your space while turning it into an Airbnb. 

Highlight your Roots

Create some conversation with artwork and decor that speaks to the character of the home and of the city. Nicole settled on black and white images of some of Fort Wayne's most popular and beloved spots while mixing in some classic decor with the metal hanging keys. 

Create Cozy Seating 

Most people are renting your Airbnb because they want to relax and enjoy some vacation time, even if it's just for an evening. Give them plenty of seating options and make it comfy, encouraging communal spaces since many will be traveling with other guests. Nicole chose bucket chairs in one area and a window bench in another to make sure everyone could be accommodated throughout the home. 

A Place to Entertain

Of course your guests will have some down time during their stay so give them some choices on activities around the house as well. Nicole's client provided a wide range of books as well as a TV for catching the game or Netflix binging. The bookshelf's simple and causal arrangement allows the guest to feel right at home when choosing what to read (or watch!) and of course a small accent chair with table and lamp provides a comfy reading nook. 

Providing the Necessities 

The vintage black and white tile and free standing sink certainly create their own charm but Nicole provided even more with cute but simple linens, a mirror, and modern lighting. Don't overlook the bathroom, guests will appreciate your attention to detail in every room! 


Relaxation Awaits 

Nicole provided her client's guests with a simple and elegant place to lay their head after a long day. A few uniquely textured and patterned pillows add a pop of boldness yet doesn't overwhelm. She also added a nice touch with the neatly displayed towels and robes for guests to enjoy. You want your guests to feel at home but also feel as if they're being pampered as in a traditional hotel. 

Any one of our designers would be happy to help turn your home or rental property into an enjoyable, chic Airbnb. Visit our website and follow us on social media for daily updates on projects, events, and new products in our showroom! 

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