10 Office Spaces to Inspire Your Work

As the summer season begins to fade, the change in weather may have many of us feeling a little drained. Keep your creativity and motivation flowing by changing up your work space! Here are a few swoon-worthy offices that we just can't stop dreaming about. 
This contemporary office offers a combination of light and dark hues from walls to decor and balances natural elements such as botanicals and fur rugs with modern and simplistic art and furniture. 
Take a brighter, more elegant approach with plenty of natural light and neutral hues to emphasize the beauty of the room and keep a clear mind throughout the work day.  
Surround yourself with what inspires you from floor to ceiling! Create an office that also doubles as a library. Add a comfy couch or chair to complete the room and make it the ultimate space to relax and keep the creativity alive.  
With a minimalist approach you'll have neat, clean lines, white walls, and no real room for distractions. Add a simple piece of art or a small plant to bring character to your space but avoid overwhelming it with too much. 
This urban industrial office blends the artistry of raw materials with simple and classic craftsmanship, letting the furniture and surrounding interiors speak for themselves. Return to natural roots to find inspiration outside of our technology-driven lives with this design style.  
Have fun with a child's room or play area and create a space that will encourage and promote learning but also give them a chance to express their personality. Keep them engaged and entertained with school work by separating them from outside distractions.
With a larger desk and added storage above you can easily create a communal workspace in any office that promotes teamwork and encourages thought-sharing. Make it easier for co-workers to bounce ideas off of each other without being confined to a cubicle.
Take a more traditional approach to your home office by channeling your inner European style. Antique furniture and leather-bound books with the addition of classic accessories with make your office one-of-a-kind. 
A tiny desk isn't enough? Create an entire studio to get your creativity rolling! Surround yourself with artwork, global decor, and a large work bench that allows you to build and design as you please. 
Love a cozy, eclectic vibe? Try a more boho path with your office. Make it colorful, make it bright, surround yourself with greenery, books, music, and art that inspire your work and your day-to-day life. Sky is the limit, your office should reflect who you are and what you want to achieve. 

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