Why Home Decor Items Make the Best Hostess Gifts


With holiday parties quickly approaching you could be struggling (like many of us) to find the perfect gift for that hostess who has the most-ess in your life but don’t fret just yet, we’ve put together a list of unique décor items that she’ll love and will also be a welcomed addition to her home, no matter the style or story it tells!

Using décor items as gifts is a trend that’s on the rise and there’s no indication of its fading anytime soon.

A person’s home is one of the greatest tangible forms of identity, it shows who you are, what you like, and how you like it. Giving a hostess a gift that will complete or compliment their home is a way of saying “I recognize the hard work you’ve put into creating beauty in your home and I want you know that!” Whether they’re hosting a family dinner or a friends only holiday party, they’ve slaved over the stove (or maybe just the cheese plate), scrubbed the floors, set the glasses, and created a warm environment to make their home a place of comfort for guests and also a fun atmosphere for the festivities to begin! So let them know their work doesn’t go unnoticed with a piece everyone will swoon over, whether it’s a decorative plant or a finely crafted cheese board. Help her keep her mind on the loveliness of the evening and not on the impending doom of dishes tomorrow…

These Torre & Tagus Provance Cheese Markers make a great gift that will not only help her keep the snacks organized but they’re also an adorable addition to anyone’s kitchen décor. This set of 6 metal markers comes printed in a classic script that will give any cheese tray a chic personality, just like your hostess!

Now if your hostess doesn’t already have a cheese tray at the ready, here’s one from Torre & Tagus as well that will function perfectly with the markers or on its own. This Sienna Wood Cheese Board can be used for appetizers, snacks, or foods of any kind and not only for party use! While the wood design can seem to lean more rustic, it can certainly work with almost any kitchen/décor style your hostess may have! And if this is her first event, or she doesn’t entertain all year round it can easily be used as a centerpiece or on a shelf to add a natural look to her existing décor.

Mixing colors is a fantastic trend that can be applied anywhere in the home, especially to dinnerware! Magenta carries various size Stacking Plates that will add elegance to any table or can be used as trinket trays! With these you have a classic ivory, a modern gray, and a pop of baby blue that complement each other when placed as a set or can be used individually as well. You can never have too many decorative plates, especially when company shows up!

As candles and greenery continue to take over the décor scene your hostess may be in need of more creative ways to display those pieces. With these Barreveld Glass Votive Holders you can turn a plain tea light or wax candle into a statement. These are also a perfect way to display air plants or succulents and could actually be used for decorative glasses on a bar cart too! Votive holders come in an endless variety of colors and sizes, and if your hostess is looking for a unique piece for her collection then you can definitely deliver with these!

We all know that the greenery trend is loud, proud, and here to stay so why not get your hostess an ornamental succulent or plant to brighten up any table, shelf, or centerpiece? Autograph Foliage has a small Potted Echeveria that can fit in any desired space and with its white planter can fit in with any décor style! Plants, whether just for decoration or truly living, are proven to add warmth and color to the home and that’s exactly what the holidays should bring to us, so bring a little warmth to your hostess too (you’re sure to get an invite for life!)


These items will be available at our online store coming March 2017!

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