10 Easy Ways to Transform a Room in One Day


It's easy to find yourself feeling bored with your home's current style, but before you chuck everything out and start fresh try one (or all!) of these ten easy ways we've put together that will truly up the personality of any room!

1. Change out those plain pillows! Pillows are the perfect way to add a bold pop of color to any room and they’re fairly inexpensive. You also have the opportunity to mix textures and patterns to create a depth and layering effect on couches, beds, or entryway benches. With the style shown above they've combined pops of teal, feather textured, and neutral colored pillows of all different shapes and sizes to create an eye-catching design for their living room!

2. Bring home the gallery Wall art and décor can drastically change the look of a space by simply giving it more personality. You can stick with a few modern, minimalist pieces or you can create a gallery wall with a running theme. Gallery walls are a great way to bring in a bit of each of the styles you appreciate without making the room seem unorganized or lacking an identity. Find similar images that work together for a simple motif but add some geometrics or line work images to mix it up!

3. Give decorative storage some love A bookshelf or cabinet can go from cluttered to a statement very quickly by establishing a theme or motif (it doesn’t have to just be for storage!) Pull in gold or silver medals, glass pieces, wood baskets and mix them with classic books, journals or magazines you have sitting around that all share a similar look. In cabinets, display your antique dishes when they aren’t getting much use.

4. Redirect the eye with rugs Rugs also allow you to bring color, patterns, or texture into the room without overwhelming the space. A rug can draw the eye immediately and become a focal point if done correctly. Make sure you consider the right size for your space and allow it to compliment the décor you already have.

5. Embellish with accent walls Bringing in a darker, brighter, or bolder color to a room doesn’t have to mean painting the entire area, which can sometimes be too much. You can easily bring in that navy, maroon, marigold, or even gray tone by picking your most stand out wall and giving it some life. Spruce up your entry way with a dark shade of navy and add gold accents to draw the eye (as seen above).

6. Say it loud with statement furniture Statement chairs are a great way to fill the room and convey uniqueness. Ottomans are also helpful when patterns and color pops are desired but can't be achieved with a coffee table. These pieces create a sense of coziness in the room and also add more seating for guests! And if you aren't interested in something too bright, or your room just doesn't allow it, a muted color can become the star of your room just as much as a vivid can!

7. Design a display with table top décor Décor and accessories on tables are key to bringing together your room’s theme as well as give the eye something to glance at as it moves around the room. Try a decorative bowl with fake fruit, real fruit, greenery, or nature inspired items to bring color and life to your dining or sofa table. Table runners, or a large place mat in the center with candles, trays, and greenery can help break up the solid shade of a table as well.

8. Pave the way for plants When in doubt, go green! Plants are (fairly) easy to maintain, they go with any décor, and they are proven to bring life and brightness into your home at a small cost to you. Try a few hanging plants in an area that may be too small for artwork, or set a few succulents on a shelf around the kitchen sink. You can also set them on window sills, or large planters on the floor or a small stool. Plants are an easy way to help fill in holes in your décor (like those bookshelves!)

9. Brighten your life with lights Lighting can be the difference between cozy vibes or harsh, unwelcome ones. Changing out an old ceiling fan for a hanging globe or industrial cage lamp can bring the room together and create a softer lighting that will make the room instantly warm and pleasant. They can be a key accessory on end tables or above a dining area.

10. Calling all curtains!Dress up any room with some new blinds or curtains. Curtains not only help with privacy and reducing natural light but they are a fairly inexpensive way to add a pop of color and unique patterns to the room and can be changed out with the seasons. If you’re not a fan of bold patterns on pillows or blankets, try them with window treatments instead, you won’t be sorry!

(Bonus!) Quick Tip: Curtains can also be a nice alternative to closet doors if your room is on the smaller side. If DIY isn't your thing but your home is in need of a trendy makeover, any and all of these design styles can be achieved with the help of our interior design team!

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