7 Home Design Styles to Look for in 2017


With a new year brings a new style, and we’ve got 7 of them that you can look forward to seeing trend. Whether you’re looking to chuck out everything you already have and give your house a “new you” vibe, or you’re looking to better define your current look, we’ve got a little something to please the inner designer in all of us with homes that speak anywhere from modern to minimalist!

Urban Industrial

There’s nothing wrong with a little heavy metal (as long as it doesn’t come with the hideous hair-dos) but it may be better suited as an influence to bring out the raw, natural feel of your home. Urban industrial often blends clean lines, simple colors, and dark metals to marry modernity with reminders of our progressive roots, mainly factories and warehouses that feature exposed brick and beams. Stick with a more neutral palette and hunt for unique, distressed, or restored pieces that emphasize the beauty of unexpected materials. Embrace the bones of your home, don’t cover them up!

Midcentury Modern

Allow the past to inspire you with retro designs that have been tweaked to stay current with the modern era. Midcentury modern allows you to combine the past and the present with modestly designed furniture, muted hues, and an air of sophistication. The real wood (usually teak) elements of either a chair, bookshelf, or coffee table will make quite a statement alone. Let the subtle craftsmanship speak for itself, nothing too excessive.


Now while our daydreams of owning a quaint little cottage in Europe may never become a reality, we can still bring home a bit of inspired, tasteful flair! Keep it simple, clean, light, and white with a Scandinavian approach. Mixing a bit of Midcentury Modern and Minimalism gives us the foundation for this trend that emerged in the 1950s. Again, a neutral wall is the best approach (especially gray or white) and allows you to play with textures and patterns when laying down rugs or adding accent pillows and blankets. Be a bit showy with black and white lines in your accent décor to complement the simplicity of your furniture. A more monochromatic method is typical for this trend but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in little pops of color here and there.

Quick Tip: You can get by with more furniture and artwork in a room if your palette is more muted, it helps the room breathe.

French Country

Blend tradition and functionality while still being chic with a French Country home. This style isn’t necessarily about clean lines or the bare minimum but more about detailed furniture design, pieces that serve multiple functions, and distressed textures (time to make a flea market run!) Create warmth in any space with creams, ivories, yellows, and sky blues that are soft and will welcome you instantly. Bring the room together with classic toile fabric, fresh flowers, and gently weathered décor. Stay away from shiny, sleek metals and move towards natural wood with a hand painted look.

Modern Farmhouse

Dip your toes in just about every 2017 trend by transforming your home into the Modern Farmhouse style. The possibilities are almost endless with this approach as you can use metals, wood, industrial stools, live edge tables, white walls, bright art, you name it! Get the comfort of simpler times while still living in the modern era (you don’t have to own a farm to achieve this look). Wrap your home in sentiment with colors, furniture, and décor that speak to who you are and what you love. Go back to classic hardwood floors and simple rugs. Mix metal chairs with a large wood dining table or even add a bench! It’s all about comfort but still about personality and feeling truly relaxed when adopting this style.


Almost every design trend this year is about falling in love with the sincerity of your home’s structure and going back to living without excess; less is more, right? Minimalism is a refreshing way to “start over” and focus on the ease and beauty of a space without overcrowding it. While it may seem effortless it’s actually a strategic, almost artistic, approach to create an area that doesn’t promote competition (we don’t want that ottoman fighting the rug for everyone’s attention). Choose really one or two items in your space that you want to be the true focal point. To achieve this, keep your color palette simple with white walls. Add pops of color through artwork and greenery that are evenly spaced throughout your home. And of course keep those lines clean!

Luxe Contemporary

Elegance is back and ready to shine with a Luxe Contemporary approach that will transform every inch of your home into a sumptuous statement that guests will swoon over. Give life to your walls with textured wallpaper or tiles and don’t be afraid to mix patterns! You’ll definitely be living in luxury as this style leans towards satins, glass chandeliers and imported textiles. Spring for custom cabinets, furniture, or even artwork to make sure that your home is one of a kind. Your home will be less about functionality and more about appreciating the aesthetic appeal.

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