Updating Your Coastal Condo


As winter in the Midwest begins to take its toll, the warmer climates of the southern states are calling our names. For those of you who have a Florida vacation home, or who live there all year round (lucky!), we have a few tips and tricks for keeping your getaway up to date on the latest coastal trends. With partners in the Florida area, Choice Designs can still be your go-to for exceptional design service even as you travel! Turn your condo or cottage into a chic escape that’s purpose is comfort, relaxation, and (of course) the occasional entertainment space.


Nook it Up!

            Create a small space in your kitchen, or even in your living area, that serves as a breakfast nook. With nook seating, you have a great way to get everyone together for a cozy morning that includes coffee, contemplation, and hopefully an incredible view. Add pillows to up the comfort factor and to bring in pattern, color, or texture to your space. While dining tables are great for more formal meals, nooks say “let’s keep things causal”—perfect for the relaxation vibe you’re striving for!

Return of the White Wall           

 Leave room for colorful accents by giving way to the white wall. What once used to seem blank and bare is now the new canvas for simplicity and the ability to mix materials, especially for shelving and furniture. A clean look definitely speaks to coastal homes, giving off the beachy feel that’s fairly low-maintenance (as you’ll be spending most of your time in the sun). Give yourself a vacation home that can easily change when your style does!

Trending: Build plenty of shelving in your kitchen area that allows you to expose dishes and décor as you would with bookshelves in the living room.

Pop the Pastel           

Muted hues are certainly on the rise and the perfect place to put them is your little oasis! Pastels are the new bold so use them wherever, whenever. As we recommended before, white walls are in but that doesn’t mean that color is out. Use pops with vintage coffee tables that have been restored and repainted, try pastel framed artwork or even dishes on kitchen shelving. Make a bigger statement by choosing one piece to be the focus, that way the room doesn’t become too busy.

Surround Yourself with Summer            

While many may picture coastal homes as being completely covered in nautical accessories, you can also convey an Oceanside vibe with wallpaper and fabrics.  Try a simple nature-inspired wallcovering that evokes the look and feel of palm leaves or even waves. Your décor doesn’t have to scream “beach” to look beach. Get carried away by soothing colors that complement your choice of art, accessories, or greenery in a bedroom or sitting area. It’s all about relaxation, remember?

Trending: Flamingos are the new pineapples this year! Incorporate them into your decor for a fun, funky look!

Shine a Little Light            

One of the best things about your Florida home is the gorgeous view that comes with! Emphasize a sense of openness in living areas that include lots and lots of windows to bring in all of the warm natural light. Skylights are a great way to open up the room and bring in overhead light during the day. When you’re looking for a little shade, try curtains in place of blinds to create a fresh look that can also draw the eye up throughout the room (appearing larger if your space is on the smaller side).

Recreation-Friendly Furniture            

Some areas of your home may be high traffic, especially if it’s used solely as a vacation place. Likely you’ll have guests in and out that may be tracking in sand and water from their afternoons lounging at the beach. Dedicate a room to furniture that can take the heat with indoor/outdoor rugs that are easier to keep clean or try a wicker sectional or a fabric by Sunbrella that will hold against wet swimsuits.

Trending: Acrylic bar seating gives the open and airy vibe that all coastal homes strive for and are very popular for kitchen islands but they may not hold up for everyday use, so switch them out for industrial style stools when company comes!

Drop Your Bags at the Door

Make a statement with your entryway (or mudroom) but also make it home for all of the bags, hats, towels, and warm weather essentials you need when running out the door. Hang plenty of decorative hooks (you can even make a small decorative statement with hats in place of artwork) and make sure you have some cubbies too! Entryway benches are the best way to utilize the look you want and still be functional. You can bring in pillows, as we mentioned for the breakfast nook, for the ultimate cozy, welcoming look.

Enjoy the Outdoors           

While we’re dedicated to helping you make the inside of your coastal home chic we also want your outdoor spaces to be just as stylish! Try a built in grill-station that holds a small grill, wood, utensils, and drinkware. You’ll stay organized and your guests will love to gather around the “bar” for entertainment. You can also create bold seating areas with bright colored Adirondack chairs and café tables around fire pits or on a patio.

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