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Colored walls aren't the only way to make a room "wow-worthy" anymore. At Las Vegas Market we were able to walk through the perfectly curated showrooms of many of the top vendors in the design industry and they certainly left us with a since of awe. Our designers are ready and able to bring those same trends to your home (you don't have to live in Sin City to be stylish!) Here are a few ways to create gorgeous, sought-after scenes in your home straight from the showrooms we swooned for! 

Bold and the Beautiful 

Give life to the room with bold pops that come from your furniture! This vignette comes together with white walls (still keeping it classy and simple) but brings out it's sense of uniqueness with a velvet tufted couch that has a distinctly vintage vibe. And of course it's in the stunning shade of the year (that's right, 2017 is the year of green!) The artwork above plays up the whimsy of the room with blues, yellows, and oranges that don't overwhelm the space as they might if they were layered using accent pillows, rugs, decor, etc.

Light the Way 

You don't have to love bright colors to make your space stand out, you can just as easily keep neutrals in the mix and let your decor be your statement! These glass teardrop lights vary in tint, shape, size, and height to create depth and a fun focal point. The chosen bulbs produce a subtle, soft light perfect for gatherings and entertaining. Defining your space with lighting is a great way to combine artistic vision with functionality!

Be Daring in the Details

Every piece of decor has it's own story, so why not bring a few together to tell yours! Again, the use of  bold color is not necessary to make the above room a beauty. They've simply chosen pieces that all have their own personality in their details. A live edge table, mixed metals, and the two statement chairs come together in such an elegant way, you'll definitely draw inspiration from this room daily (because it's certainly a work of art!)

Keep your eye out for more upcoming trends we loved from Las Vegas and let us know if there's something YOU want to learn more about in the design world. Our designers are happy to share their knowledge and passion with you!

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