Making the Most of Your Space


Whether you're working with large, open concepts or small, cozy cottages, making the most of your space is key to creating a fluid, well-designed home. While exploring Las Vegas World Market, we saw unique ways to bring personality, color, and life into the home without overwhelming the eye (or the budget). Here's a few ideas to spark your inspiration for a little 2017 home revamp! 

Give Love to Vertical Spaces

For homes with high ceilings it may seem like quite a task to make the room feel complete when you have so much open space to work with. But hey, don't shy away from a challenge! You can always focus on large scale artwork and clocks that will still keep your space minimal. You can also incorporate lighting into your decor with hanging globes that vary in size, shape, or height. You'll able to blend functionality with design for a fun focal point in the living or dining areas.

Layers, Layers, Layers 

It's all the rage this year to bring as much texture, depth, and pattern to a space if you aren't afraid to be a little bold! Layering rugs is a huge trend that lends itself to a more "bohemian" style. It gives the room a fun, casual look that invites conversation and entertainment. Try a large plain jute rug as your base and get creative with pops of colors from smaller, wool rugs or even cowhides! You can also use a similar method on couches and beds with pillows and blankets. We're seeing a shift away from "matchy-matchy" decor and seeing more of an eclectic approach.

Trending: While wall weavings are back in style, a unique way to integrate more texture and pattern to your wall is to also consider hanging a rug (I know it seems a bit strange!) to create a great large backdrop in your living spaces. You can use one for a headboard or a statement behind a couch on a wide-reaching wall.

Every Night's an Occasion

We're definitely seeing the return of a more "traditional" table setting. Now this doesn't mean you need to get your nice china out, but it does mean be playful with linens and dishes! One purpose of the home is to provide a safe space to entertain, so why not make it a party! You want every inch of your house to stand out and that can often start with gathering areas such as the dining room.

 Trending: 2017 is in love with rose gold and so are we! If you're tired of plain gold or silver for decor metals, try the softer appeal of rose gold or copper. And while you're at it, who doesn't love the adorable trend of the bar cart? Keep the drinks ready (and classy) while also creating a tiny little statement piece. 

                                                       Swap Out Old Sets 

It's time to mix it up! Sometimes too much of one thing can be a bit bland and have you craving for change. We're seeing homes that are moving away from the traditional furniture set and instead finding pieces with character that stand out. Make your couch or tv stand the center of the room (give it some flare!) and the work your way out from there, collecting pieces that speak to you and allow the style to still flow throughout the room. With neutral colored walls this is often easier to accomplish and can also allow for pops of color to stand out through artwork, pillows, accessories, and greenery.

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Outside Influences 

Every year you'll see a new regional trend on the scene and this year we're seeing a rise in Southwestern decor. This means your wall weavings, hanging planters, woven baskets, geometric patterned pillows and blankets in warm shades of orange, red, black, and brown. Whether you're a follower of this trend or not, it's always helpful to get inspiration from other cities, countries, and cultures when it comes to design.

 Trending: Any style can make room for greenery! Bring life to your home with plants that offer both color and a connection to nature.

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