8 Out of the Box Ideas for Decorating Your Holiday Tree

Looking for a fresh way to express your personality and design aesthetic during the holiday season? While traditional Christmas trees are classic and will always bring with them that comforting, nostalgic feeling, we've found a few ideas that will bring fun and whimsy into your home this December. If you're looking to step outside of the box this year, try one of these creative, DIY looks! 

1. Deck the Walls

Working with a smaller space, or just love the look of decorated walls? Try this unique spin on a tree this year! Gather some artificial branches or garland and create your own work of art that will also give you a little extra space for furniture and entertaining. 

2. Fa La La Ladder

If your design style leans more rustic and you just can't resist a project, try creating your own ladder tree. All you need is an old wooden ladder, some lights, and your choice of ornaments. This is a great way to keep the mess of pine needles away and also keep your holiday decorating consistent to your home's current decor. 

3. All I Want for Christmas is a Chance to Show Off My DIY Skills 

Another perfect project for you DIYers, build your own tree! With boards that extend out, you can create little shelves for presents and holiday decor that you wouldn't normally be able to hang from a traditional tree. You can keep it simple with the natural wood look or splash some paint on it, even creating little scenes with stencils, or stamps. The possibilities are nearly endless! 

4. Rockin' Around the Painted Tree

If you're really looking for a fun way to incorporate a tree into your home this year try spray painting one to reflect the colors that already exist in your home! Try an ombre look that fades from one color to the next or pick a muted pastel that will bring subtle warmth to any room. You can also paint your ornaments to match!

5. We Wish You a Minimalist Christmas 

If your design style is less excess and more simplistic, you can always take the "Charlie Brown" route this year. Get a very simple, stripped tree, (bonus: they usually come with built-in lights) hang a few ornaments and be done! Decorating doesn't have to be over the top (or expensive) to be unique. 

6. O Come, All Ye Florists 

If botanicals and greenery are your thing (which most of us in 2017 fall into this category) then show off your passion and creativity with a tree dedicated to floral arrangements. Ornaments aren't the only way to decorate a tree! Create your own floral garland that's bold, colorful, and one-of-a-kind. 

7. Hark! The Hanging Ornaments Sing 

Who says you need a tree at all to decorate for the holidays? Create your own outline of one by hanging ornaments from the ceiling! A very distinct approach to decorating that will surely show off your individuality.


8. Oh the Places Yule Go 

For all of the book worms out there, repurpose some of your old books that may just be sitting around by creating your own literary tree! It's a fun way to express your passion while also saving money. You can try and give it a theme with the titles you choose or simply pick at random! 

Looking for more ideas to decorate your tree this year? Visit us on our Street of Dreams Christmas Tour sponsored by Granite Ridge Builders on December 2nd & 3rd from 1-5pm. We have 13 uniquely designed trees in selected model homes created by our own designers and staff here at Choice Designs and Granite Ridge Builders. Vote for your favorite and have the chance to give to some great causes this holiday season! 

Find more information and model home locations at www.graniteridgebuilders.com

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